Frequently Asked Questions


From the header Menu (Top of webpage on
1) Select "DOWNLOADS"
2) Login with your "last name" & "email address"
3) Select your order number.
- Any downloads associated with that order will appear above the order details as a LINK to a file, which contains the download. You might need to unzip the file after you download it. If you need help to unzip a file read this.
- By default, you can download Candyrat files up to three times in case errors occur or you have multiple machines or devices you wish to play the files on.

I paid through Paypal with an "eCheck" when will my CD download be active?

Your download will be active in 3-10 days. The status in your Paypal has to be cleared with your bank and then cleared again after they send us the funds, when this happens, the download is turned on automatically.

Credit Cards and Paypal payments that clear will immediately activate the download after payment.

Shipping : How long does it take?

United States shipping is 3-5 days via USPS 1st Class.

International shipping  is 7-10 days USPS Air Mail. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery, if the package is held up in your country's customs.

I am an Artist and would like to submit my music for resale or record label consideration?

Send us a link to your music samples on a website (Preferred).


Do I need a Paypal account to buy CDs?

No, you can pay with a Credit Card or use a Paypal account if you have one.



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