Option Knob Oknob

Strings and Things

Buy OKnob Classic : $9.99 Buy OKnob Boutique : $9.99

Effects Pedal Foot Controller

  • Enables you to manipulate your effects in real-time without having to take your hand away from your instrument or bend down
  • Tap the wings left and right with your toes to fine-tune any parameter you wish to have more control over while playing live
  • Pull off your factory knob, push on the Oknob, and enjoy cranking up your distortion on solos,change up your delay time on the fly, twist your modulation, or whatever you choose!

OKnob Classic

Fits traditional pedals such as Boss© and MXR©.
Knob Shaft Diameter Range:.220 to .235 in (5.58-5.96mm)
Available only in silver

OKnob Boutique

Fits "boutique-style" pedals with a larger shaft.
Knob Shaft Diameter Range: .235 to .25 in (5.96-6.35mm)
Available only in blue