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  • The Dingle Angle
  • Jig Jazz
  • 20 Out Of 10
  • The Reel Blues Reel
  • Lorraines Dream
  • Sgt Major Minor
  • The Bloom Of Youth
  • Hakanoa Hideaway
  • Toms Tune
  • Sweet Bulgarity
  • Farewell To Muswell Hill
  • Monaco Madness
  • Danubska Horo
  • The M1 Reel
  • Lament For The 21St Century


Brendan Power

© Brendan Power 2004

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This is a brand new 15 track CD over an hour long. It was recorded over a period of eight years as I toured with the Riverdance show, and afterwards. The length of time it's taken means that some tracks have parts recorded from different years and several different countries. But I have taken a lot of care to make sure it all hangs together.

The aim behind the project was to make an album of traditional folk-inspired tunes that were composed from the harmonica itself. The harmonica is a young instrument, and has a short history in Irish, Bulgarian and other folk music. So if you want to play convincingly in those styles, you end up playing tunes that were composed on the fiddle, pipes, whistle, flute etc. That's a very worthwhile and enjoyable exercise in itself, and I'd already taken steps down that road with my earlier albumNew Irish Harmonica. 

However, as a result of getting to know some traditional styles pretty closely (in particular Irish and Bulgarian), I found I was naturally composing lots of my own tunes that were inspired by them, but originated on the harmonica. To me, this seems a natural continuation of the traditions - though some flavours that seem natural to me (eg. playing a jig with a blues scale) might make purists blanch. 

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