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Fan Favorites

  • Art of Motion

    Art of Motion

    Andy McKee

  • Gates of Gnomeria

    Gates of Gnomeria

    Andy McKee

  • Run Toward the Mountains

    Run Toward the Mountains

    Ian Ethan Case

  • Earth Suite

    Earth Suite

    Ian Ethan Case

  • PS 15

    PS 15

    Don Ross

  • Music for Vacuuming

    Music for Vacuuming

    Don Ross

  • The Thing that came from Somewhere

    The Thing that came from Somewhere

    Andy McKee

  • A Tweak On Antique

    A Tweak On Antique

    Gareth Pearson

  • What If?

    What If?

    Luca Stricagnoli

  • Luca Stricagnoli

    Luca Stricagnoli

    Luca Stricagnoli

  • Back & Forth

    Back & Forth

    Antoine Dufour

  • Convergences


    Antoine Dufour

  • Existence


    Antoine Dufour

  • Trancendance


    Daniel Voth

  • What Just Happened?

    What Just Happened?

    Mike Dawes

  • Unspoken


    Spencer Elliott

  • Some Forgotten Color

    Some Forgotten Color

    Spencer Elliott

  • Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising

    Calum Graham

  • Fire Dance

    Fire Dance

    Steffen Schackinger

  • ElectriGuitartistry


    Steffen Schackinger

  • Ewan Dobson

    Ewan Dobson

    Ewan Dobson

  • Ewan Dobson II

    Ewan Dobson II

    Ewan Dobson

  • Urban Echoes Vol. 1

    Urban Echoes Vol. 1

    Gareth Pearson

  • R.D. King

    R.D. King

    R.D. King

  • 181st Songs

    181st Songs

    Jimmy Wahlsteen

  • All Time High

    All Time High

    Jimmy Wahlsteen

  • Blu


    Sergio Altamura

  • Aria Meccanica

    Aria Meccanica

    Sergio Altamura

  • Still Without Words

    Still Without Words

    Peter Ciluzzi

  • particolare#uno


    Stefano Barone

  • Danze Altalenanze

    Danze Altalenanze

    Stefano Barone

  • From 1 to 8

    From 1 to 8

    Pino Forastiere

  • Craig D'Andrea ...and the B.L.T'.s

    Craig D'Andrea ...and the B.L.T'.s

    Craig D'Andrea

  • Traces of Silver

    Traces of Silver

    Andrew White

  • Through the Window

    Through the Window

    Tommy Gauthier / Olivier Rondeau

About CandyRat Records

Welcome to CandyRat Records.  We are an independent record label and music boutique, featuring many talented artists from around the world. Candyrat was founded in 2004 after signing our first artist, Don Ross, a well respected Canadian guitar player and composer. Five other artists -- including Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour -- were signed before we officially opened for business in November of 2005.

While instrumental guitar music is our core focus, Candyrat releases records in a number of different genres including electronic, singer-songwriter, alternative, and progressive rock.  We currently represent over thirty artists from ten different countries.

Purchased CDs can be delivered to your door worldwide, or downloaded in MP3 or Wave file formats. Guitar Tablature is available for download immediately after purchase. Credit Card or Paypal payments are processed through PayPal's secure payment system.

Thank you for sharing our appreciation of quality music.  Enjoy.