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Cover Me In Moss

Mark Minelli

© CandyRat Records / Mark Minelli 2011

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Cover Me In Moss changes it up for Mark Minelli. These recordings are closer to his roots and play out like a live performance. While Mark tips his hat toward many of his influences on this CD, he makes it his own, never falling the rules but at the same time keeping it somehow familiar.

Mark Minelli, "rarely does what you'd expect, lyrically or otherwise. It's not that he's completely off the wall but…different, a folker who sees no reason to follow tradition any further than it suits one's ends on, well, a canvas, yes, but one in need of the individual touch. He plays a guitar quite subordinated to that intense and dominating voice, but the instrument is, like everyone and everything connected to Gift Horse, beguiled by the rapidly shifting vocals and their narrative content, sidewise takes on the ordinary re-imbuing everyday life back into its own mysteries and confoundments. 

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mark S. Tucker

Mark is a new breed of folk singer, infusing his acoustic stylings at times with Spanish and Classical rhythms while maintaining the realism associated with his music.

Visions and Revisions

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