Golden Gate Dynarette Acoustic Guitar Cushion - Medium / Large

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For the many guitarists who find that the traditional guitar footstool and the resulting playing position gives them pain and discomfort, the famous Dynarette Guitar Cushion has provided welcome relief and the freedom to play in total comfort! This cleverly designed and ergonomically shaped padded cushion elevates the guitar to just the right playing height so that a footstool is unnecessary. This is a boon to thousands of players–especially those taller players who have had to hunch over the guitar to be able to use the conventional footrest. The Dynarette is available in two models–the GD-10 and the GD-20. The cushion rests on the players' right or left leg and a wide variety of positions may be obtained. The GD-20 raises the guitar approximately 5 ½" and the GD 10 raises it 3 ½".

The Dynarette is made of dense, resilient foam with a zippered cover of soft and sturdy leatherette. Many satisfied guitarists have written that their previous physical problems resulting from using the traditional footstool have completely disappeared after just a few days' use of the Dynarette. Try the Dynarette Guitar Cushion and see the difference!

  • Dense, resilient foam retains its shape indefinitely
  • Soft, sturdy leatherette guarantees years of trouble-free service
  • Raises the guitar approximately 3 ½" so the guitar can be held at the proper height without use of a footstool
  • Allows players (especially taller ones) to properly support guitar in perfect comfort–without pain
  • Fits snugly on either leg allowing a wide range of adjustment