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  • Serenity Vibe
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  • Starlight Cavern
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  • Glass Harbor
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Glass Harbor

Acoustic Labs

© 2019 Candyrat Records / G.C. Johnson

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Glass Harbor is a collection of ambient moods meant to create ideal spaces for listeners who want to relax, reflect, or enhance the experience of being in the creative or productive flow. 

Many of these tunes were inspired by the vistas and vibe of New Zealand where I lived for most of 2018 and where many of these songs were recorded.  This was also a year of deep learning of how to create new sonic spaces as I was working for many months on a Netflix show called Messiah, recording all the guitars and composing some cues with composer Johnny Klimek. 

 Always planned as a Youtube release, each track is the result of a process of sketching, live performance and post editing.  I would generally approach a song idea or memorable phrase from several different effect options, create each effect in separate tracks and then assign those tracks to a midi footswitch or controller.  I would then live perform the song, recording with a combination of Logic Pro and Mainstage. 

Many thanks to my Patreon subscribers who made this album possible and to you for your interest in my music!


Acoustic Labs - Far Off Memory

Acoustic Labs - Glass Harbor

Acoustic Labs - Sapient Gateway

Acoustic Labs - Serenity Vibe

Acoustic Labs - Starlight Cavern

Acoustic Labs - TearDrop - (Massive Attack)