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  • GAD Zooks
  • Mist of the Mourning
  • Foxfire / Kilnamona
  • Angel One
  • After the Rain
  • Trance Mission
  • Angel Two
  • Commonweal Part 1
  • Commonweal Part 2
  • Amazing Grace


Dean Magraw

© Candyrat Records / Dean Magraw 2008

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This collection of solo guitar compositions represents a confluence of dwellings, personalities, and events... represented in sound.

Since his earliest performing days, critically acclaimed guitarist and composer Dean Magraw has performed in a cornucopia of musical worlds. Among his influences are various blues styles, including the country blues of Robert Johnson, diverse jazz styles, western classical music, Hindustani and Carnatic Indian music, the music of Armenian duduk player Djivan Gasparyan, and folk and traditional genres from many cultures.

Dean's dynamic compositions range from spacious heartfelt melodies to explosive, spirited flights of passion. His highly original performances reflect his love of music in all its dynamic and tonal splendor as he playfully seduces full spectrum sounds from a limitless palate of wood and steel.

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Unseen Rain

Unseen Rain

Dean Magraw

Guitar Tab / Sheet Music by Dean Magraw

    • Foxfire / Kilnamona
    • GAD Zooks
    • Mist of the Mourning

    Transcriptions Set 1

    Dean Magraw

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    This download comes with three songs in MP3 format and matching (Standard Notation & Guitar Tab Format) transcriptions in Adobe PDF and Power-Tab formats.


Dean Magraw - Foxfire / Kilnamona -

Dean Magraw - GAD Zooks -

Dean Magraw - Mist of the Mourning -

Dean Magraw - Eva Arriving -

Dean Magraw - Angel I -

Dean Magraw - Trance Mission -