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  • Unseen Rain
  • Keep the Faith
  • Isabella
  • Bird in the House
  • Plum Blossom
  • These Voices
  • Eva Arriving
  • Mr. Syms
  • Mali
  • Out of this World

Unseen Rain

Dean Magraw

© Candyrat Records / Dean Magraw 2007

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The music collected here was woven into existence in a three-day period of live in the studio recording with my colleagues jim anton and jt bates. The sounds captured reveal the fruits of uncounted hours of ensemble building; stretching and merging the possibilities of strict part-playing with wide open explorations of each melodic moment.

Dissolving the individual "I" in the dynamic liquid of the collective "us", a new entity is unleashed, capable of seeking ever-higher levels of expressions unavailable to the isolated player. You know...... a band.

In other words, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the true heroic warriors of this enterprise, jim anton and jt bates. Thanks for: breathing life into these melodies, searching the honest depths of your emotions, listening, listening, listening soaring through the process, with humor and grace, and on and on. And for those who want to join this band, the simple membership requirements are as follows. . .

Open up. Listen. Be healed.

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Dean Magraw

Guitar Tab / Sheet Music by Dean Magraw

    • Foxfire / Kilnamona
    • GAD Zooks
    • Mist of the Mourning

    Transcriptions Set 1

    Dean Magraw

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    This download comes with three songs in MP3 format and matching (Standard Notation & Guitar Tab Format) transcriptions in Adobe PDF and Power-Tab formats.


Dean Magraw - Foxfire / Kilnamona -

Dean Magraw - GAD Zooks -

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Dean Magraw - Eva Arriving -

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