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  • Back In This Place
  • So Come What May
  • Seek Me Out
  • Not That Strong
  • Follow The Wind
  • When Were Out Of Time
  • Eleanor
  • Light In The Dark
  • In Another World
  • Trouble
  • Rise

In Another World

Ryan Spendlove

© Ryan Spendlove / Candy Rat Records 2012

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"In Another World" is Ryan's second album which is a clear sequel to his debut album "Fable". Less than a year has passed between the two albums yet "In Another World" is a finely crafted evolution of Ryan's skills in which he tells his story through eleven honest songs.

The album hosts a style of mostly finger picking patterns that create a filled, yet spacious and colorful variety of songs. The opening song "Back In This Place" has a constant rolling rhythm that I can say I have never heard used before. I have so many favorites it is impossible to isolate one alone. All the songs are classics in their own right.

This album will leave you questioning how one young man from Yorkshire, England could have educated himself with such a skill that will easily relate and resonate globally. If there's one thing I get from this album, its the straight talking honesty from start to finish which these days is becoming a dying trait in the music industry. If you like great music, you need to own this album.

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