Banzai Recording Studio - Audio Services

Strings and Things

Audio Mixing Services - One Track : $100 Audio Mastering Services - One Track : $75 Audio Mixing & Mastering Services Bundle - One Track : $150

Banzai Recording Studio is the recording studio of Sebastien Cloutier, a Candyrat artist, producer, and recording engineer. Located in Montreal, Quebec. 

You can listen to examples of Sebastien Cloutier's audio here:

Antoine Dufour - Existence 

Ewan Dobson - Ewan Dobson

Sebastein Cloutier - Correlations

Trevor Gordon Hall - Entelechy

Gareth Pearson - Urban Echoes Vol. 2

  • No extra cost for Mixing or Mastering adjustments. Up to 3 revisions.
  • Multiple tracks must have the same starting point for them to be synchronized.
  • You can reference a song or songs you would like your recording to sound like. 

After purchase, you will download a sheet with recording guidelines as well as questions about your mixing or mastering specifications.