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  • The Axis (8:07)
  • Sands (11:49)
  • Teacup Waterfall (10:23)
  • Moonstone (10:51)
  • Slow Burn (25:10)
  • Wind (4:04)

Earth Suite

Ian Ethan Case

© 2018 Candyrat Records

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Acoustic double-neck guitarist and Candyrat recording artist ​Ian Ethan Case​ is quickly becoming recognized as “one of the most creative and engaging fingerstyle guitarists in the world” (International Center for Creativity.)

His latest album, Earth Suite, is the result of a two-year sustained recording and production effort and features a dozen musicians from all over the globe.

"This is really the first chance I’ve had to put together a large group of musicians and make an album where every track is a fully-realized version of what the underlying composition wants to be. I’m still doing everything I do when I play solo, but now having all these other instruments added to that makes it possible to clarify the melodies and counter-melodies, bring out the dynamic shapes, highlight contrasts, and generally color in the black-and-white outline of what’s possible for me in a solo context."

Ian Ethan Case - acoustic double-neck guitar, fretless guitar, archtop guitar, nylon string guitar, kalimba
Amir Milstein - flute
Eugene Friesen - cello
Bertram Lehmann - percussion
Jamey Haddad - percussion
Jeff Willet - percussion
Jharis Yokley - drums 
G Maxwell Zemanovic - drums
Tony Connaway - bass violin
Yun-Yang Lin - cello
Casson Scowcroft - trombone
Mao Soné - flugelhorn, trumpet
Angelika Schafer - voice

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