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  • Butter II
  • The Comforter
  • The Circle
  • The Centrifuge
  • Aftershocks
  • Migration
  • Who's There?
  • Ridgeline
  • Run Toward the Mountains
  • The Infinite Race
  • The Gift

Run Toward the Mountains

Ian Ethan Case

© Candyrat Records / Ian Ethan Case 2015

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Recorded over a period of 19 months beginning in January 2014, 'Run Toward The Mountains' contains just over 92 minutes of music and features both solo double-neck compositions (Disc 1) and - at the other end of the spectrum - deeply-layered studio versions of several live looping compositions (Disc 2).

Ian Ethan represents something so new in musical approach, that the result is near impossible to pigeon hole into a ‘sounds like’ statement. It has been my personal privilege to observe his unwavering and deep exploration of this new technique and on a relatively rare instrument... the original music of Ian Ethan is not to be missed.

Peter Bruce Wilder - Emmy winning composer/producer

Case’s performance at this showcase surely had many six-stringers rethink the possibilities of the guitar. Case plays a double neck acoustic guitar in a unique and percussive manner, strumming the six string side of the guitar with one hand, while fretting chords and lead sequences on the 12 string side with the other hand, over the neck of the guitar while occasionally thumping his fists on the instrument’s body, creating polyrhythms. One must see this to believe it.

Devon "Doc" Wendell - The International Review of Music

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